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NH Governor orders all state departments to cut budgets by 5 percent

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July 15, 2010

CONCORD, New Hampshire: In an attempt to get state the budget under control, Gov. John Lynch this week ordered all state department heads to cut their budgets by 5% for each of the next two fiscal years. Lynch sent out a letter to his executives stating that he wanted to take a close look at all possible ways of saving money including increasing efficiency, reorganizing/eliminating programs, using technology to cut costs, and finding ways for agencies to collaborate.[1]

The cuts would begin with the fiscal year which begins July 1, 2011. In his letter, Lynch wrote:
“In these challenging economic times, we have come together to make the tough decisions necessary to maintain a balanced budget and to protect core services to the people of New Hampshire. But we face more challenges ahead, which is why I believe we must continue to make providing core services a top priority, enact efficiencies across state government and make the tough choices necessary to ensure a balanced budget in the next two fiscal years.”[2]


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