NJ Governor Christie Vetoes Part of Auditor Bill

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August 14, 2012

New Jersey

By Megan Busse

TRENTON, New Jersey:Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey used his veto power to deny the state auditor the power to oversee private contracts with the state Department of Corrections.[1]

If the bill had been signed by Christie in the form it arrived on his desk, all private contracts over $100,000 would have had to be reviewed by the state auditor after one year. If the contract was found not to have saved money, the DOC couldn’t contract that job out anymore and must use state employees.[2]

Christie vetoed this portion of the bill on the grounds one year may not be a sufficient time period to show savings and it would put too much power in the hands of the auditor. As an alternative, he suggested a private independent auditor review the contracts after they are completed and then send the review on to the commissioner of corrections. This would give contractors adequate time to demonstrate savings.[3]