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Nader's lawsuit may now move to the US Supreme Court

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March 11, 2011

Honolulu, Hawaii: Perennial presidential candidate Ralph Nader may finally have his lawsuit against Hawaii (Nader v Nago) heard by the US Supreme Court. Nader, who failed to qualify for the Hawaii's 2004 ballot, argues that the signature requirements for independent candidates are irrationally and unfairly high because they are six times higher than the requirements for a wholly new party. Before the court decides to review the case, a response was requested from the Hawaii Office of Elections. The brief, now received by the court, argues that the requirements for independent candidates are fair because they are allotted more time than other candidates to collect signatures and independent candidates do not have to prepare for a primary election. In either case, the Supreme Court must now decide whether to review the case.[1][2]

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