Nashville Downtown Convention Center Bond (2010)

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There is a current petition drive for a Nashville Downtown Convention Center Bond vote in Davidson County for voters in the city of Nashville.

The city commission approved the downtown convention center project, estimated at $585 million. A bond would be issued to pay for part of the construction, but the other money would come from the hotel that will be built in conjunction with the convention center. A group called Nashville's Priorities has come out against this project, saying it will cost too much to taxpayers . The leader of this group, Kevin Sharp has started the petition drive to force this issue to a vote. He will need more than 15,000 county voter's signatures, but even if he acquires the needed number, the petition has no teeth, the council would have to approve the election. Sharp hopes though that if the people show their want of a vote, the county will agree to it. City officials are frustrated with the petition drive, the convention center has been in planning for years and they believe Sharp only wants to disrupt the commission's work and countermand the council.[1]