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Nathan Page
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Candidate for
U.S. House, Oregon, District 5
Military service
Service/branchUnited States Marine Corps
Years of service2003-2007
Campaign website
Nathan Page was a 2014 Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. House to represent the 5th Congressional District of Oregon. Page did not file with the Oregon Secretary of State by the filing deadline on March 11, 2014.[1]


Campaign themes

Page listed the following themes on his campaign website:[2]

  • Corruption: "As Americans, we expect our elected leaders to be subject to the same laws and regulations that hard working families across this country are. Secrecy, invasion of American’s privacy, and waivers from the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” are just a few examples of this double standard. In a government that is of, by, and for the people, our elected officials should not be allowed to create legislation that only applies to certain sectors of America. The rule of law applies to everyone equally. In short, there’s a simple principle that has guided this country from the outset – everyone, no matter their status, will play by the same rules, period. This guiding principle of treating everyone equally was one of the most important purposes of the Constitution. So much so, that in Article 1, Sections 9 & 10 they outlawed “titles of nobility.” Why? Well, because when someone was designated a 'noble,' they were 'above the law.' That is, they didn’t live under the same legal system as the rest of the populace – for example, nobles did not have to pay taxes and they were immune from criminal prosecution. We must demand that career politicians play by the same rules as the rest of us and stop allowing them to, in effect, become America’s new 'nobility.'"
  • Education: "Since the inception of the U.S. Governments Department of Education in 1980, the department's budget has tripled when adjusted for inflation. During the same period, the test scores in both reading and math of American children have stagnated, with little or no change. Children in the United States have fallen behind other developed countries. The United States currently ranks 23 in the United Nations Education Index, behind such countries as Armenia, Barbados, and Cuba. In the last five years alone, the Department of Education has received over $492 billion, with little or nothing to show for it. The Department of Education needs intelligent reform, keeping the portions of the DoE that work, while dissolving those which do not. Those funds then need to be diverted back to the States, so that parents and teachers can ensure our children's future in the classroom."
  • Environment: "As Theodore Roosevelt said, 'There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm.' Oregonians understand this, and also understand that economics and good environmental stewardship can go hand in hand. Without preservation of our natural resources, there is no economy in the future, and without an economy, there is no financial support for the environment."
  • Fiscal Responsibility: "Washington D.C. has been spending at an unsustainable pace for the “good” of the American people. We will never have a healthy economy until we get smart about federal spending – making the right, and hard, choices from entitlements to defense spending. I will fight to put an end to the culture of deficit spending and borrowing that permeates our government. We simply cannot afford to continue to finance the government through systemic borrowing, over spending, and poor budget choices that has led us to near bankruptcy and is holding our children’s future hostage to this financial insanity."
  • Foreign Policy: "The Constitution is very clear on the matter of war. The Constitution states that Congress has the power “to declare War,” yet our current President and administration unilaterally use drones to assassinate people across the globe, even American citizens. America’s image is suffering because we do not follow our own Constitution and disregard the rule of law. I pledge to follow the Constitution to ensure America is safe and to restore its reputation abroad as a beacon of hope and defender of the rule of law. In other words, the best national security policy begins by obeying the Constitution and ends with the wise use of the instruments of foreign policy from diplomacy to the use of force."
  • Forestry: "Oregon is a unique state with an enormous amount of economic possibilities but the state’s economic development has been hamstrung by out of touch politicians in Washington D.C. A prime example of this is the federal government owning more than fifty percent of Oregon land. Oregonians need to be in control of their land so our rural communities can flourish and the state can increase its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Utilizing Oregon’s natural resources should be up to Oregonians because they will care for the land more than a bureaucrat in D.C."
  • Immigration: "What we need is meaningful reform that promotes innovation and ingenuity from newcomers. We have to help our fellow farmers by revamping the guest worker program in order to fulfill their labor needs. We have to secure our borders to protect our great land from unforeseen threats. Most importantly, we must reform the immigration process so that it is no longer so cumbersome it creates an incentive to seek illegal immigration instead of the path of legal citizenship. The process will be fair and just. The United States will continue to be a refuge for those persecuted around the globe, and a destination for those aspiring to be their ideal selves. By solving the glaring issues we have in our immigration policy, we will be better suited to improve the economy at home."
  • Jobs: "Small businesses are the backbone of a strong middle class and a healthy Oregon. The Federal government continues to siphon dollars from the hard working small business owners of this great state and over burden them with complicated regulations. These complex regulations create hidden costs, such as the need to hire a law firm to interpret and ensure compliance with convoluted legislation. For entrepreneurs, this financial strain limits their ability to create jobs. Meanwhile, legislators in D.C are jumping from crisis to crisis creating uncertainty for our economy. And at the same time we must address not only the problem of unemployment and underemployment that has become the 'new normal' we must also start paying people who work full-time hours a wage that allows them to share in the American Dream. History has shown that America’s economy works best when it works for all of us."
  • Social Security: "When the Social Security system was established the government made a promise to the American people and I intend to honor that promise. However, technology and medical innovation have increased the life expectancy of Americans and the Social Security system is in jeopardy of collapsing. With sensible reforms, like updating the actuary tables, the Social Security system can be preserved for future generations. I will never allow anyone now on social security to fear losing their well-earned benefits."
  • Transparency: "I fully support auditing the Federal Reserve and the Department of Defense. It is extremely important for Oregonians to understand what their tax dollars are paying for and how their dollars are being spent. The propriety of auditing these agencies is self-evident and ought to have already occurred, but instead the failure to provide this type of congressional oversight is one of the main causes of the corruption and dysfunction that is rampant in Washington."
  • Veterans: "We cannot ignore the fact that the American men and women that have dedicated their lives to this country are being forgotten. It is time to put political bickering aside to reassure our veterans and their families that they will never have to worry about the pay, travel, or benefits they’ve earned while serving their country. Veteran’s issues are family issues and need to be treated as such. And the hard truth of the matter is that only a veteran and his or her family can ever really understand the realities veterans face, which is why it is way past time for a veteran – someone who has served knowing that they may give their life in the process – to represent Oregon’s 5th Congressional District."



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Page announced that he was going ton run as a Republican in the 2014 election for the U.S. House to represent Oregon's 5th District. However, Page did not file with the Oregon Secretary of State.[3]

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