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National Association For Year-Round Education

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The National Association For Year-Round Education (NAYRE) advocacy organization was founded in 1972. It is a government sector lobbying association.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

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The association lobbies.[1]


According to its website, the National Association for Year-Round Education is a non-profit organization that promotes the concept of year-round education by providing leadership and service to individuals and organizations on all aspects of time and learning. As the chief repository of information, it serves as a clearinghouse for information on year-round education (YRE). The association encourages research, produces publications, provides consultants to schools and districts and conducts yearly conferences regionally and nationally to provide the most up-to-date information available to educators and community members.[2]


In the organization's Answers to the Six Common Issues Raised by Year-Round Education, NAYRE Executive Director Emeritus, Dr. Charles Ballinger, provides his rebuttals to six common objections to year-round education.[3]

The calendar's impact on student learning

The organization notes two justifications for supporting year-round education: summer learning loss and achievement levels. The educational research the organization cites concludes that there is summer learning loss because of the long summer vacation of the traditional calendar in math, spelling and reading skills.

Achievement is also at stake because consistent schooling adds maintenance and improvement.

Non-traditional calendars at the secondary level

Common objections include the difficulty of organizing student activities, such as sports or music, around a year-round calendar. Ballinger notes, however, that these activities exist to be flexible for students and parents and can easily be made flexible. Ballinger also notes that a San Diego area survey found that fewer than 50% of their students were employed, meaning that the percentage of the school population that would have to radically alter their schedules is low.

Board of Directors

The official website of NAYRE lists the following board members for 2005-2007:

President Richard Coleman Director, Achievable Dream Academy

Board of Directors

Mr. David Baird Superintendent, Eminence Independent School District

Dr. Cathy Conger Principal, Bertha Ronzone Elementary School

Mr. Mike Loretz Director of School Improvement, McMinnville School District #40

Dr. Marsha Speck Professor, San Jose State University

Phyllis Frank Policy Maker, State Board of Education

John Hodge Jones Owner, Staff Development and Time Reform Specialists

Dr. Ann Grooms Educational Services Institute

Dr. Jeannie Steeg Director, San Diego City Schools Administrators

Dr. Lew Gardiner Principal, Indian Hills Elementary School

Dr. Skip Archibald Center for Management Services, Inc.

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