Nearly all Washington State initiative bills die in committee

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July 27, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

OLYMPIA, Washington: Lawmakers in Washington State ended its regular session on March 11, 2010, without approving any initiative bills[1][2].

A total of 25 items of legislation were considered by both houses of the Legislature. 24 of them died in legislative committee. The only piece of legislation that advanced out of committee was House Bill 2397[2].

The bill would have banned petition circulators from gathering signatures less than fifteen feet away from a retail store[3]. The State House approved the bill on February 13, 2010, by a 82-12 vote. However, the bill died in Senate committee without seeing a floor vote[4].

Some of the 21 bills that died in committee were aimed at making petition signatures public records, increasing restrictions on paid circulators, and raising the filing fees for initiatives[2]. Three legislative-referred amendments to the state constitution were also considered including one to end the initiative process. All of the amendments died in committee[2].

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