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Nebraska's Amendment 1 has supporters, but issue has failed in past

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May 6, 2010

LINCOLN, Nebraska: Two notable supporters of Nebraska's Amendment 1 have stepped forward to make their arguments for the only ballot measure on this year's primary election ballot, scheduled for this Tuesday, May 11, 2010. The measure, which has failed twice before when placed before Nebraska voters, would allow nonprofit agencies to use tax-free bonds for certain construction projects and equipment needs. Also, cities and counties could issue the tax-free bonds on behalf of the nonprofits seeking them. Bonds would have to be repaid by the nonprofit using them and tax money would not be able to be used to repay the bonds.[1]

If the measure passes, according to John Chapo of the Lincoln Folsom Children's Zoo, the zoo would be able to improve facilities and would be able to add exhibits. The measure would allow the zoo and other nonprofits to pair with governments to use tax-free bonds improve certain projects. Chapo stated, "Contributions are down. When contributions are down, we have to be more creative."

Eric Crouch, a Heisman Trophy winner is also a supporter of the amendment. The former University of Nebraska quarter back now sells playground equipment, and stated that if the measure is passed, the lower lending rate could save money for organizations, such as the YMCA. The YMCA, according to Crouch, could have saved more than $250,000 on its new facility in Lincoln. Supporters are claiming that a stronger campaign for the measure could see a different result when voters decide on it next week.[2]

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