Nebraska Livestock Production Initiative (2012)

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The Nebraska Livestock Production Initiative or Proposition 2 did not make the November 2012 ballot in the state of Nebraska.

The measure would have banned the use of gestation crates for sows, crates for veal calves, and cages for laying hens. In addition to banning crates across the state, the measure would have required that sows, veal calves and laying hens have the ability to stand up, lie down, and extend their limbs without touching another animal or a side of their new confined spaces. Also, the animals would have to be able to turn around freely.[1]

The Nebraska effort gained momentum in Nebraska, after a similar measure was approved in California involving egg production and was being considered in Ohio.

The Humane Society of the United States supported the effort in California and in early 2011, it was expected that they would also support an effort in Nebraska. However, in September 2011, National HSUS President Wayne Pacelle and State Director Jocelyn Nickerson of Omaha said announced that there were no efforts for qualifying a ballot measure for the 2012 ballot. "I will reiterate what both Wayne Pacelle and I have said before and that is HSUS has no plans for a ballot initiative in 2012," said Nickerson.

Despite the HSUS' statement, agriculture groups in Nebraska launched a new coalition called "We Support Agriculture" in September 2011 in order to diffuse efforts by HSUS. The launch of the group included $5,000 donation from "the Cattlemen, the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation and from their pork, poultry and dairy counterparts."[2]

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