Nebraska Mayor allows pardoning on most watering violations

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September 16, 2011


By Tyler King

OMAHA, Nebraska: Lincoln mayor Chris Beutler will be accepting requests for mayoral pardon on more than 400 misdemeanor watering violations issued within the last month, as long as violators pay the $100 fine in addition to court costs. Beutler said he is establishing the pardoning process because the violations could impact an individuals ability to get a job or obtain a professional license. He said, "Even with its flaws, the watering restriction policy was a much better choice than allowing our water supply to be threatened."[1]

After paying the fine and court costs, residents can send Beutler an email or letter seeking pardon. Requests must include the resident's full name, address, and contact information. Beutler stated that pardons will not be automatic and that he will be taking a closer look at people with more than one water restriction offense.[1]


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