Nebraska ballot contains economic amendment

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August 31, 2010


LINCOLN, Nebraska: Nebraska voters have two measures to decide on this fall. Both measures are legislatively-referred constitutional amendments, but one measure will deal with funding sources. The measure would change the Nebraska Constitution to alter the powers of certain municipalities that deal with funding sources for economic and industrial development in the state. Article XIII, Section 2 of the Nebraska Constitution would be amended if the measure is enacted by Nebraska voters.[1]

The measure was introduced to the Nebraska Legislature on January 20, 2010 and was sent to the Urban Affairs Committee on January 22, 2010. The measure was then approved by the legislature on March 26, 2010. 60% of the members of the Nebraska State Legislature must vote for a proposed amendment to be placed on the ballot. Nebraska is one of nine states that allows a referred amendment to go on the ballot after a 60% supermajority vote in one session.[2]

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