Nebraska gets 'F' in initiative process, says think tank

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August 11, 2010


LINCOLN, Nebraska: The state of Nebraska has a poor ballot initiative process, in the opinion of a progressive think tank, who states that their purpose is to limit fraud in all initiative processes. According to the think tank, The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, the state received an F, as only five of the 24 initiative and referendum states scored a C or better from the organization.

According to Senator Bill Avery, when commenting on the grade that Nebraska received, "It looks like they have some pretty stiff criteria by which they measure states. Not many states did well." Although Avery did state that he is always open to protecting the validity and integrity of the ballot initiative process in the state, he commented, "I'm not interested in doing something just to get more points in this report."[1]

According to the report, the reasons for the state receiving the poor graded included the fact that circulators are not required to register with the state, circulators that have been previously convicted of fraud or forgery are not banned from circulating petitions in the state, and no specific penalties are in place for campaign organizations that encourage the violation of state laws.

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