Nebraska narrows budget gap

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November 19, 2010

By Christopher Bedford

Lincoln, Nebraska:The Nebraska state budget gap shrank nearly $409 million, to an estimated $986.5 million, Tuesday, following a revised committee report.[1]

The report took into account decreased state employee salaries and a revised K-12 state aid budget[1]. "Education has to be a part of this fix," said Education Committee Chairman Sen. Greg Adams, addressing a crowd of 300 superintendents and school board members at the La Vista Conference Center.[2]

The committee was made up of the Speaker, appropriations chairman, revenue chairman, executive board chairman and the state tax commissioner.[1]

Creighton University economist Ernie Goss says that due to the constantly shifting influence of thousands of economic factors, from the value of the dollar to the health of economies across the globe, the budget could be revised on a daily basis. The most accurate measure would be achieved, he says, "if every day, you could have everybody wake up in the morning and tell you what they're going to spend that day -- or not spend."[3]