Nebraska sees progress for women in politics

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December 14, 2010

OMAHA, Nebraska: In the November 2, 2010 election, there were an increased number of women who won in Nebraska's state senate races.

In the legislative session beginning in 2011, 11 women will be a part of the state senate - making up 22% of the 49 senate seats.[1]

Since the mid 1970's, with only one female incumbent, the Nebraska senate has seen a slow rise in the number of women elected. The number of female incumbents peaked in 1997, with 13 legislators, before gradually dropping down to 9 in 2007.[1]

Nebraska lies around the middle of states with high and low percentages of female legislators. In 2009, South Carolina had the lowest with 10 percent. New Hampshire had the highest with 37.5 percent. Nebraska was at 20.4 percent. Throughout the country, women lost more seats than they gained after this year's election; about 1,725 women won election in state legislatures, compared to 1,811 sitting legislators before the election.[1]

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