Nebraska signature deadline arrives on Friday

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July 1, 2010


LINCOLN, Nebraska: Tomorrow, initiative organizers in the state of Nebraska will have until 5 p.m. to submit signatures in order to place their proposed measures on the ballot. There are two measures that still have hope of making the ballot on November 2, 2010. One measure would prohibit the annexation of a city or village in the state of Nebraska unless it is approved by a majority vote of registered voters of that city. The other measure would provide procedures for petition and election for detachment and reestablishment of an annexed city or village.

A third initiative that was proposed will not be able to make the ballot, as sponsors have stated they fell considerably short of the require number of signatures. The measure would have allowed residents in the state to recall an official by obtaining at least 30 percent as many signatures as the number of votes cast for that particular local or state official in the previous election.

The signature requirements for a proposed constitutional amendment is approximately 117,000 and approximately 80,992 for a proposed state statute. According to the Nebraska Secretary of State, when contacted by Ballotpedia, no initiative signatures had been filed the day before the deadline. It was also stated that signatures must be turned in to the Secretary of State's office.

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