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Nevada Assembly Bill 35 (2013)

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Nevada Assembly Bill 35 (2013)
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Legislature:Nevada Legislature
Text:AB 35
Sponsor(s):Legislative Operations and Elections Committee
Legislative History
Introduced:December 20, 2012
State house:April 23, 2013
State senate:May 24, 2013
Governor:Brian Sandoval
Signed:June 1, 2013
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing ballot measures in Nevada
Code:Nevada Revised State Code

Nevada Assembly Bill 35 was referred to the Legislative Operations and Elections Committee and was ultimately approved unanimously in the Assembly and in a 17 to 4 vote in the Senate. Governor Brian Sandoval signed it into law on June 1, 2013.[1]


The following description of AB 35 was provided on the National Conference of State Legislatures website (new provisions are italicized and underlined):

Existing law requires candidates and certain other persons, committees and political parties to file reports with the Secretary of State concerning campaign contributions, loans, campaign expenses and expenditures. Currently, separate reporting requirements exist for: (1) primary or general elections; and (2) special elections. Section 5 of this bill provides that, if a special election is held on the same day as a primary election or general election, any candidate, person, committee or political party that is otherwise required to file a report relating to the special election must instead comply with the reporting requirements for the primary election or general election, as applicable.

Existing law also establishes separate reporting requirements based on whether a general election occurs before July 1 or on or after July 1. Sections 11, 15, 16, 18-20 and 38 of this bill remove those separate provisions, and sections 11, 15, 18 and 19 also expand the reporting requirements to recall elections.

Existing law requires expenditures made on behalf of a candidate or a group of candidates by a person who is not acting under the direction or control of the candidate or group of candidates, and other expenditures that are made on behalf of the candidate or group of candidates, to be reported to the Secretary of State. Sections 15 and 19 provide that certain contributions received and expenditures which are made for or against a candidate or a group of candidates must be reported.[2][3]

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