Nevada Assembly Bill 604 (2007)

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Nevada Assembly Bill 604, or AB 604, was enacted by the Nevada State Legislature in June 2007.[1] AB 604 requires anyone who gathers signatures to be registered with the Nevada Secretary of State and mandates a campaign finance reporting schedule that is more frequent and burdensome than what Nevada requires from candidates running for office.[2]

AB 604 is one of two new laws enacted in Nevada in 2007 that impose new regulations and restrictions on the initiative process in Nevada. The other is Nevada Senate Bill 549 (2007), which imposes a new distribution requirement on Nevada signature requirements.

AB604 was pushed by the AFL-CIO in Nevada. AFL-CIO lobbyist Gail Tuzzolo, who also sits on the national board of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center said of the bill that "Our goal was to prevent signature gatherers from being paid per signature rather than by the hour."

A Las Vegas Review-Journal journalist reported that when Tuzzolo described the Nevada law's "effect to national colleagues on a conference call, they buzzed with excitement."

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