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The Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau is a nonpartisan, all-purpose legislative service agency that is dedicated to serving members and staff of the Nevada Legislature.


The Legislative Counsel Bureau was created on an act of the Nevada Legislature in 1945[1].


The Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau's Executive Director is selected by the Nevada Legislative Commission. The Director hires all staff and assistant directors to the Legislative Counsel Bureau[2].


Audit Division

The Audit Division of the Legislative Counsel Bureau houses the Legislative Auditor for the State of Nevada. The Audit Division provides a nonpartisan and objective audit of all legislative programs and how they perform. The purpose of the audits is to recommend improvements for performance, stop waste, fraud, and abuse, along with improving the efficiency and delivery of government services. The Legislative Commission appoints the Legislative Auditor which is position mandated by the Nevada Code[3].

Fiscal Division

The Fiscal Division handles all fiscal research and analysis for the Nevada Legislature. The Fiscal Division runs a Interim Finance Committee which consists of members of the Nevada Assembly and the Nevada State Senate. The Interim Finance Committee is responsible for all oversight of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, review of the Nevada revenue structure, and all oversight of the Public Works Board[4].

The Fiscal Division provides publications on the Nevada State Budget. These reports include the Fiscal Report that outline all revenue trends and projections before the Governor of Nevada releases their version of the state budget. Also, an Appropriations Report is published which outlines all spending and taxing actions done on the part of the Legislature. Also, all the budgets that are approved are published by the Fiscal Division. Nevada does their budget biennially which is every two years[4].

Also, the Fiscal Division operates the Legislative Bureau of Educational Accountability & Program Evaluation. The Educational Accountability & Program Evaluation Bureau is responsible for collecting and analyzing data of educational programs. They are responsible for producing reports on testing and assessment, class-size reduction, and special education[4].

All fiscal impact statements prepared by the Nevada Secretary of State for statewide ballot measures are produced in consultation of the Fiscal Division[5].

Legal Division

The Legal Division is responsible for drafting all bills and resolutions. Also, the Legal Division is responsible for the publication and indexing of the Nevada Revised Code. The Legal Division can represent the Legislature in any legal proceeding or action[6].

Research Division

The Research Division maintains a research library handling all past bills and publications of the Nevada Legislature along with maintaining a historical database of all people that served in the Legislature since 1861. The Vote Nevada (dead link) website is also run by the Research Division. Also, new publications are released by the Legislative Counsel Bureau's research division[7].

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