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The Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) is a 501(c)(3) private non-profit, free-market and limited-government policy research organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. NPRI seeks to promote private, rather than government solutions to issues facing Nevada and the western region of the United States.

The Institute distributes its research through many sources, including a weekly e-bulletin, commentaries and policy studies.

Transparency projects

Transparent Nevada

The organization launched Transparent Nevada, which contains searchable databases of state expenditures.[1]

The site includes sections on government purchases from outside vendors, comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFRs) and budgets, government employee salaries and intergovernmental lobbying.


NPRI researches education, tax and fiscal policy, and labor issues related to Nevada public policy.


NPRI opposes political decisions to halt the opening of new charter schools and favors expanding charter school options, tuition tax credits, school voucher programs, and merit pay for teachers.[2][3]

Tax and fiscal policy

NPRI supports a balanced budget with controlled growth in government spending, such as a TABOR's or TASC amendment. NPRI claims Nevada's 2008-2009 budget deficit was the result of excessive growth in government spending.[4]

NPRI has also argued that Nevada's history as a low-tax state has been slowly eroded by a growing number of fees on Nevada's residents.[5]

NPRI opposes tax hikes on individual taxpayers and corporations within Nevada, including a tax hike on the gaming industry.[6]

NPRI published the "Nevada Piglet Book 2008" documenting overspending by the government.[7]

Labor issues

NPRI supports protecting secret ballot boxes and paycheck protection and opposes defined benefit plans for union and government workers.[8]

Chairman's Award

Each year the Nevada Policy Research Institute gives out the "Chairman's Award" for the advancement of liberty in Nevada. Past winners have included:

  • 2007 - Sheldon G. Adelson
  • 2006 - Norman Dianda, Tito Tiberti
  • 2005 - The Reviglio Family
  • 2004 - The Venetian Resort·Hotel·Casino, Ed Nigro

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