Nevada Selection of University Board of Regents Amendment, Question 9 (2006)

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The Nevada Selection of University Board of Regents Amendment, also known as Question 9, was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment on the November 7, 2006 ballot in Nevada, where it was defeated.

Election results

Question 9 (Selection of University Board of Regents)
Defeatedd No277,71450.72%
Yes 269,807 49.28%

Official results via: Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau - Research Division

Text of measure

The question as it appeared on the ballot:

Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to provide for the election of certain members of the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada and for the gubernatorial appointment of certain members, and to specify the number and terms of the members?[1]

The language that appeared in the voter's guide:

The Nevada Constitution authorizes the Board of Regents to control and manage the affairs and funds of the Nevada System of Higher Education, which consists of the state universities, state college, community colleges, research facilities, and public service departments. The Constitution currently requires the Legislature to provide for the election of the Regents. In 2001, the Legislature set the number of Regents at 13 members, determined the geographic boundaries of the districts, and fixed the terms of office at six years.
The proposed amendment to the Constitution would set the number of Regents at nine. One member would be elected from each of Nevada’s congressional districts and the Governor would appoint the remaining members. Not more than two-thirds of the appointed members of the Board may be of the same political party. The length of term of office would be four years. Initially, the Legislature and the Governor would stagger the terms so that an equal number, as nearly as possible, would expire every two years. If a vacancy occurs during the term of an appointed member, the Governor would appoint a similarly qualified person to fill the remainder of the unexpired term. Nevada currently is apportioned three seats in the United States House of Representatives. If at any time Nevada is apportioned more than nine congressional seats, the Legislature would establish the districts from which the nine members would be elected.
A "Yes" vote would amend the Nevada Constitution to set the membership of the Board of Regents at nine members, to fix the term of office at four years, and to provide for the election of one member from each congressional district with the appointment of the remaining members by the Governor according to staggered terms.
A "No" vote would retain existing provisions regarding the election of members of the Board of Regents under the Nevada Constitution.[1]

Path to the ballot

Question 9 was sent to the ballot via Assembly Joint Resolution No. 11 of the 72nd Session of the Nevada Legislature.[1]

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