Nevada Supreme Court reviews judge's legitimacy

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August 27, 2009

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CARSON CITY, Nevada: This month the Nevada Supreme Court announced that they will begin proceedings to determine if Family Court Judge Robert Teuton has been violating the Nevada Constitution. Teuton, who was appointed in 2008 to fill the seat of retired Judge Gerald Hardcastle, is facing a dispute about the length of his term limit. Some argue that Teuton's term ended in January 2009, others say he has 17 months left in his term. The issue was brought to the Supreme Court's attention by Las Vegas attorney Robert Lueck, who ran against Teuton for the 2008 Family Court seat. According to Lueck, Teuton's term ended in January because he did not run in the November 2008 election, however, the state attorney general argues that Teuton was appointed too late to run in the November election and therefore his term ends in 2011.[1]

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