Nevada filing deadline report: 6 state executive positions up for election

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March 18, 2014


By Kristen Mathews

Carson City, Nevada: Six state executive positions are up for election in 2014 in the state of Nevada. The primary election is scheduled for June 10, 2014. Nebraska is one of 21 states with a mixed primary system. A blanket primary system is used for the nonpartisan legislature and some other statewide races while congressional primary elections are closed.[1]

Incumbent Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval is seeking another term in office while current Republican Lieutenant Governor of Nevada Brian Krolicki is term limited.

Some politicians looking ahead say that this 2014 Nevada lieutenant gubernatorial race is one of the more important elections in the history of this position. In the past, only seven of the thirty-four former lieutenant governors have moved into the top position of governor, but depending on who wins this election, that person may have a bigger change at becoming the eighth. In 2016, Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, will be running for re-election, and Brian Sandoval, who already has announced his run for re-election of Governor of Nevada in 2014, will more than likely be encouraged to challenge Reid in 2016 if he wins the gubernatorial election, which is looking favorable. Sandoval will be more likely to run for the new position if a fellow Republican holds the lieutenant governor's seat as that person will take over the governor's office as stated in Article 5, Section 18 of the Nevada Constitution addressing vacancies.[2]

Both Democratic Secretary of State Ross Miller and Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto are ineligible to seek re-election due to term limits. Miller is running to replace Masto as attorney general.

Down the ballot, Democratic incumbents Kim Wallin, current Nevada Controller, and Kate Marshall, current Nevada Treasurer, are also term limited from seeking re-election. Wallin is instead running for treasurer as Marshall seeks the post of secretary of state.


General election

Republican Party Brian Sandoval - IncumbentGreen check mark transparent.png[3]
Democratic Party Robert Goodman[4]
Independent David Lory VanderBeek[5]

Defeated in the primary

Republican Party Eddie Hamilton[4]
Republican Party Gary Marinch[4]
Republican Party William Tarbell[4]
Republican Party Thomas Tighe[4]
Democratic Party Chris Hyepock[6]
Democratic Party Charles Chang[4]
Democratic Party Frederick Conquest[4]
Democratic Party Stephen Frye[4]
Democratic Party Fernando Lopes[4]
Democratic Party Allen Rheinhart[4]
Democratic Party John Rutledge[4]
Democratic Party Abdul Shabazz[4]

Lieutenant Governor

General election

Republican Party Mark Hutchison Green check mark transparent.png[7]
Democratic Party Lucy Flores[8]
Independent Mike Little[4]


Republican Party Brian Krolicki - Incumbent

Defeated in primary

Republican Party Sue Lowden[9]
Republican Party Chris Dyer[4]
Democratic Party Harley Kulkin[4]

Attorney general

General election

Democratic Party Ross Miller[10][11]
Republican Party Adam Paul Laxalt Green check mark transparent.png[12]
Independent Jonathan Hansen[13]


Democratic Party Catherine Cortez Masto - Incumbent

Secretary of state Republican Party Barbara Cegavske Green check mark transparent.png[4]
Democratic Party Kate Marshall[14]


Democratic Party Ross Miller - Incumbent



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