Nevada film tax credit legislation drew celebrity endorsement

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May 13, 2013

By Sarah Rosier


CARSON CITY, Nevada: In an attempt to encourage Nevada state legislators to pass SB165, a bill proposing tax incentives for filmmakers bringing production to Nevada, Nicolas Cage made an appearance at the Senate Finance Committee meeting on May 7. Cage's reasoning for support of the bill was personally relevant: "I have four scripts right now that could be shot in the state of Nevada."[1]

State Senator Aaron Ford stood with Cage in support of the bill. It also had the support of Senate leadership and a majority of state senators. However, the bill had its dissidents. A common worry was the possibility that the $35 million in tax credits would be lost revenue for the state and may not be made up by any economic boosts in-state production would bring.[2]

Despite the celebrity involvement, the Senate Finance Committee took no action on SB165.[3]

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