Nevada survey indicates appetite for more transparency

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May 30, 2012

By: Stephan Burklin CARSON CITY, Nevada: New surveys of political candidates in Nevada indicate a high level of support for regular reporting requirements for lobbyists in the state capitol.[1]

The survey consisted of six questions and was completed by 60 candidates for the state legislature as well several retiring members.[1]

According to the Associated Press, the President of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, Andy Matthews, said, "Nevada's citizens have a fundamental right to know how their government is operating and how their elected officials are spending money.[1]

“Nevadans from across the political spectrum are demanding more transparency from their state and local governments, and this survey is a chance for citizens to examine the beliefs of those who are — and those who want to be — elected officials," he said.[1]

Also according to the Associated Press, the executive director of the Nevada Press Association, Barry Smith, said, “there’s clearly an appetite for more open government in Nevada.” A majority, 55 respondents, said public employee union negotiations should be conducted in the open.[1]

Concerning lobbyists, 53 respondents strongly favored quarterly reporting of spending.[1]

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