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New Brunswick City Council Election Referendum, 2009

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A New Brunswick City Council Election Referendum was on the November 3, 2009 ballot in the city of New Brunswick, located in Middlesex County.

If it had been voted into effect, the referendum would have allowed for ward-based city council elections, which residents had hoped to put on the ballot in the previous year. In the last attempt, the city rejected the filed suit and did the same this year when residents circulated a new petition.[1]

The question that appeared on the ballot asked the voters if the number of counselors should be increased to nine members, six voted through their respective wards and three more at large positions. There was a dispute between two interest groups who tried to get a similar petition onto the ballot, but the first one, which will appear on the ballot, won out through a court decision on the matter.[2]

Election result

New Brunswick City Council Election Referendum
Result Votes Percentage
Defeatedd No 2135 54.88%
Yes 1756 45.12%
Total votes 3891 100.00%
Voter turnout 0%



A pro ward coalition for democracy voted to ask the city council to have a recount of the ballots, they are still unsure they lost the vote. A group on the otherwise concedes that they won. But both agree that the two sides will have to learn to cooperate and remain a united city regardless of which way the vote went. Statistics about the election showed that those permanent residents voted more in favor of keeping the current government, where as those college students at Rutgers University voted more in favor of the change. Anti-ward groups used this as a means to show that those residents who live in the city year round prefer the way the government is now.[4]

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