New Democratic ad causes ruckus in Nebraska U.S. Senate race

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July 2, 2012


By: Tyler King

OMAHA, Nebraska: A new 30-second ad paid for by the Nebraska Democratic Party that was aimed at Republican U.S. Senate nominee Deb Fischer caused a brief commotion. The Democratic ad suggested Fischer supports "special tax breaks for millionaires" and represents the interests of "Washington insiders."[1] The ad was the first time Fischer has been subject of a negative television advertisement since winning her party's nomination.[2]

Republican State Chairman Mark Fahleson called a news conference in Lincoln to brand the ad "an act of desperation" loaded with falsehoods, saying "The Democrats are clearly confusing tax breaks with tax cuts."[1]

Democratic state Executive Director Jim Rogers claimed, "Fischer wishes to hide that she signed the Grover Norquist (no tax increase) pledge to protect the tax breaks of her billionaire benefactors like Joe Ricketts and the Koch brothers and she stands against the middle class and favors tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy."[1] Democratic candidate Bob Kerrey has been critical of Fischer for signing the pledge, arguing that it limits her ability to work toward a compromise to balance the nation's budget.[2]

Voters in Nebraska will elect one member to the U.S. Senate in the November 6, 2012 elections. Former Democratic Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey will square off against Republican state Senator Deb Fischer and independent candidate Russell Anderson.

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