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New England State Interstate Trucking Fee Compact

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New England State Interstate Trucking Fee Compact
Member jurisdictions: 6
Issue(s): Regulation; transportation

The New England State Interstate Trucking Fee Compact is an interstate compact among the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Text of the compact

The legislature of each member state passes the laws with certain modifications, but the core of the legislation remains the same.

An act relative to interstate commerce:

Section 1. The “New England State Interstate Trucking Fee Compact” is entered into with all other New England states joining therein in the following form for the purpose of establishing a compact among the six New England states with the intention to develop a single identification device encompassing fuel and regulatory fees and to prohibit the imposition of any truck entry fees.

Article I

This agreement shall become effective within any New England state at any time as prescribed by that state, and shall become effective within those states ratifying it whenever any of the six states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont have ratified.

Article II

The State of New Hampshire hereby requests and urges the several New England states to refuse to adopt, or if they have been adopted, to repeal, any truck entry fees.

Article III

A state may become a party to this compact by enacting, and continuing to enforce, a law or laws which move(s) toward uniformity among the six New England states.

Article IV

In every participating state for each licensed motor vehicle with an empty weight of 7,500 lbs. or more and/or a gross vehicle weight of 18,000 lbs. or more, the commercial user shall apply to the administrator for a highway user license and pay an annual fee as determined by each compact state in which the motor vehicle may operate. The license shall remain in effect until surrendered or revoked. The appropriate administrators of the respective states shall, in addition, provide identification devices to each licensed commercial user. One such device must be displayed on the left side of each licensed motor vehicle. Identification devices shall be issued annually by the administrators of the respective states and shall be displayed on or before January 1 of each year.

Article V

Appropriate legislation will be introduced and enacted which will authorize the appropriate officials of each state or commonwealth to negotiate with their counterparts in other states or commonwealths to enter into a compact providing for the cooperative collection and reciprocal enforcement of the highway user fees imposed by the several states and commonwealths.

Article VI

Any state joining herein may, upon sixty days notice, withdraw herefrom. The duly authorized representatives of the signatory states having signed this agreement in a single original, it shall be deposited in the archives of the Department of State of the United States, and a duly certified copy shall be forwarded to the Governor and to each House of the Legislature of the signatory states.

This compact shall become effective when ratified and approved as provided in Article I of this compact and when it is approved by the United States Congress.

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