New Hampshire cities begin to set November issues

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August 16, 2011

New Hampshire

CONCORD, New Hampshire: Cities in New Hampshire have begun the process to decide what will be voted on come November. In the city of Rochester, the city council is hosting a meeting to discuss the possible charter amendment measure which would eliminate the city Police Commission. Arguments in favor of dissolving the police commission include that it is out of touch with the communities needs and that the commission is a redundant entity now that there is a city manager in place. Arguments in favor of the commission is that now that term limits have been set at two year terms, as opposed to when they were six years, makes the members more in touch with the community. City officials are hoping for residents to turn out for the debate so local opinions can also be heard.[1]

In the city of Portsmouth, residents have been given a charter amendment to vote of in November which would prohibit elected officials from applying for city jobs. It would make it so that if an employee of the city chose to run for office and was elected, they could no longer hold that city job they had previously. The amendment would also mean that any member of a commission also could not hold a city job. Opposition to the amendment noted that a fuller city charter overhaul was needed as the charter has not been revised or updated in 20 years.[2]

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