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New Jersey FOIA procedures

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Each state varies slightly in the procedures used to gain access to public documents. This article serves to describe specifically the steps used in New Jersey. To read the history and details of New Jersey’s sunshine laws please see New Jersey Open Public Records Act

How to request public records in New Jersey

Records requests for municipalities are to be sent to the municipal clerk. All other records requests are to be directed to the public body in possession of the records.

Purpose and use

There is no requirement of a statement of purpose for OPRA requests. However, the law does not allow for anonymous requests.[1] There are no restrictions placed on the used of records.

Who may request public records?

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Citizens of New Jersey may request public documents of the state. Government "records shall be readily accessible for inspection, copying, or examination by the citizens of this State."[2] The one exception is convicted criminals seeking information on victims.[1]


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According to New Jersey law fees for records, in general, may only include the physical cost of the means of duplication. However, when the request involves an "extraordinary expenditure of time and effort" an additional fee may be charged.[1]

Response time

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New Jersey law allows for up to seven days to respond to a records request. Failure by a department to repond in the time frame is considered a denial of the request.[1]

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