New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Amendment, Question 1 (2005)

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New Jersey Question 1, also known as the Lieutenant Governor Act, was on the November 8, 2005 election ballot in New Jersey as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment, where it was approved.

The impact of Question 1 established the position of Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey with these particulars:

Elections Results

Question 1
Approveda Yes 836,134 55.6%

Text of measure

New Jersey Constitution
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The question asked on the ballot was:

"Shall the amendment of Articles II, IV, V and XI of the Constitution, agreed to by the Legislature, establishing the office of Lieutenant Governor, and providing for the term, election, succession, salary, qualifications, and duties of the office, and for an interim succession to be employed in the event of a vacancy in the office of the Governor before the election of the first Lieutenant Governor, be adopted?"

Interpretive statement

In New Jersey, explanations known as "interpretive statements" are provided that give the background and context for ballot measures such as this. The interpretive statement for Question 2 was as follows:

Approval of this amendment would establish the office of Lieutenant Governor. Candidates for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor would be elected as joint candidates in the general election. The Lieutenant Governor would serve as acting Governor during brief periods when the Governor is absent from the State or unable to serve and would become Governor in the event of a vacancy in the office of Governor . The Lieutenant Governor would perform other duties as assigned by the Governor or by law. The first Lieutenant Governor would be elected at the general election held in 2009. In the event of a permanent vacancy in the office of the Governor occurring before the inauguration date of the first Lieutenant Governor, the President of the Senate, followed by the Speaker of the General Assembly, would become Governor, rather than acting Governor. A vacancy would be created in the Legislature if the Senate President or Assembly Speaker becomes Governor, to be filled in the manner currently provided by the Constitution."

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