New Jersey Question 2 (2000)

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New Jersey Question 2, also known as Amend the constitution to permit the Legislature to authorize by law the disclosure of information concerning sex offenders, was on the November 7, 2000 election ballot in New Jersey, where it was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. It passed, with 79% of voters in favor.

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

Legislative Constitutional Amendment

Interpretive statement by attorney general: This constitutional amendment would permit the Legislature to enact laws authorizing the disclosure to the general public of information pertaining to the identity, general and specific whereabouts, physical characteristics and criminal history of persons found to have committed a sex offense. This information would enable the public to take appropriate precautions to avoid or reduce the possibility of recidivist acts by such offenders. The amendment clarifies that the disclosure of this information as authorized by the Legislature would not be constrained by any other provision of the Constitution or any other right or interest in maintaining confidentiality. It further clarifies that the Legislature would be authorized to establish by law the scope, manner and format of any such disclosure.

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