New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division

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New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division
Court information
Judges:   34
Salary:   $176,000[1]
Judicial selection
Method:   Gubernatorial appointment with Senate confirmation
Term:   7 years

The New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division is the intermediate appellate court in New Jersey. Its rulings may be appealed to the New Jersey Supreme Court.

This court consists of 34 judges who sit in two and three judge panels chosen from parts consisting of four or five judges. Appellate Division judges hear appeals from decisions of the Trial Courts, the Tax Court and State administrative agencies. The Appellate Division decides approximately 7,000 appeals and 7,500 motions each year.[2]

Judges of the Superior Court have an initial term of 7 years, after which they may remain on the bench until age 70, provided they are not impeached.[3]


JudgeTermAppointed by
Judge Jane Grall2004-2019
Presiding Judge; Temporary Justice Mary Cuff1994-2017; 2012-Present
Judge Clarkson Fisher2003–2022
Judge Susan Reisner2004-present
Judge Paulette Sapp-Peterson2006-present
Judge Carmen Alvarez2007-present
Presiding Judge Anthony Parrillo2001-present
Judge Marie Lihotz2006-present
Presiding Judge Carmen Messano2006-present
Judge Joseph Yannotti2004-Present
Judge Marie Simonelli2007-present
Judge Jack Sabatino2006-present
Temporary Justice Ariel Rodriguez2012-Present
Presiding judge Jose Fuentes2002-present
Judge Alexander Waugh2008-present
Judge Marianne Espinosa2009-Present
Judge Mary Gibbons Whipple2014-2020Chief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Garry S. Rothstadt2001-2028
Judge William E. Nugent2010-2017Chief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Jonathan N. Harris2009-presentChief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Ellen Koblitz2010-presentChief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Victor Ashrafi2009-presentChief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Douglas M. Fasciale2010-2017
Judge Mitchel E. Ostrer2011-2018Chief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Jerome M. St. John2011-2018Chief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Margaret M. Hayden2011-2018Chief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge John C. Kennedy2011-presentChief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Carol E. Higbee2014-2020
Judge Susan F. Maven2012-presentChief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Michael J. Haas2012-presentChief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge George S. Leone2013-2020Chief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Michael A. Guadagno2012-2019Chief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Amy O'Connor2013-2020Chief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Richard S. Hoffman2012-presentChief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Allison E. Accurso2012-2019Chief Justice Stuart Rabner
Judge Harry G. Carroll2013-2020Chief Justice Stuart Rabner

Judges on Recall

  • Philip Carchman
  • Naomi G. Eichen
  • Howard H. Kestin
  • Richard Newman
  • Harold B. Wells, III

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