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New Jersey Voter Approval of Indebtedness Amendment (2015)

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A New Jersey Voter Approval of Indebtedness Amendment may appear on the November 3, 2015 ballot in New Jersey as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. At least two versions of amendments to amend paragraph 3 of Article VIII, Section II of the New Jersey Constitution were proposed in the 2014-2015 legislative session. Assembly Concurrent Resolution 13 would "remove and preclude exceptions to voter approval for laws authorizing the issuance of debt."[1] Assembly Concurrent Resolution 43 would require voter approval of state bond refunds that increase the principal amount of the total state bonded indebtedness.[2]

Text of measure

ACR 13

If ACR 13 would appear as follows:[1]

NJ2014 ACR13 as introduced.PNG[3]

ACR 43

If ACR 43 would appear as follows:[2]

NJ2014 ACR43 as introduced.PNG[3]


ACR 13

ACR 43

Path to the ballot

See also: Amending the New Jersey Constitution

At the time in New Jersey, proposed constitutional amendments had two ways of achieving ballot access. The New Jersey Legislature could either qualify it with supermajority approval of 60 percent in one legislative session or with simple majorities in two successive sessions. This measure did not receive the necessary supermajority required for a 2014 ballot placement. However, the measure could still be placed on the November 2015 ballot.

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