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October 19, 2010

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By Bailey Ludlam

Two weeks to go. November 2 elections are just around the corner but that doesn't mean Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count is finalized. This week, the Tuesday Count saw an unexpected bump to 184 ballot measures in 38 states for 2010. Of those 184 measures, only 160 will appear on November 2 ballots.

As ballots make their way to voters, sometimes measures previously approved by state legislatures surface. This was the case in New Jersey. Public Question 1, the sole measure on the 2010 ballot, was referred to the ballot in December 2009 by the New Jersey State Legislature. The measure calls for amending the state constitution to allow that any assessments on wages by the state be dedicated to the payment of employee benefits. This does not apply to gross income tax, according to the proposal. According to reports, little to no campaign efforts in support or opposition of the proposed measure are seen.

Campaign efforts in other states, however, are in full swing. This week four Florida activists argued that state's current campaign finance laws "severely burdens core political speech." State laws require that if two or more people want to spend $500 or more in support or opposition of a ballot measure then a political committee must be formed and registered with the state. The challenge developed after the activists sought to air radio ads in oppisition to Florida Amendment 4, an amendment that proposes requiring a taxpayer-funded referendum for all changes to local government comprehensive land-use plans. The lawsuit was filed after learning that they had to form a political committee to run the ads. The case was heard October 20 by U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle.

For a quick glance at support and opposition campaign websites, check out our every-growing list.

A peak at this year's success and failure:
At the end of 2010, voters will have cast their ballots on 51 initiatives proposed by citizens. This last week, Ballotpedia took a closer look at exactly how many were citizen initiatives proposed and their journey to the ballot. After breaking down the filed initiatives in each state, it was concluded that an estimated total of 606 initiatives were filed in 2010, with only 51 proposals successfully qualifying for a statewide ballot. Overall, only an estimated 8.42 percent of filed initiatives gained ballot access this year. Some redirected their efforts toward future ballots (3.6%) and others simply withdrew their efforts (8.25%). For a deeper look at this year's citizen initiative activity take a look here.


SPOTLIGHT: Schools to public safety, Akron City looks to shift funds
Although statewide ballot measures are non-existent on Ohio ballots this fall, local measures are abundant. Akron City in Summit County is no exception. Akron City voters will see at least two measures on their ballots this fall and with no surprise, residents will cast their votes on at least one fiscal issue. Like most state governments in the United States, Akron City has faced budget shortfalls. The Akron City School Construction Tax Extension asks voters to extend the school construction fund tax for another five years. However, the estimated $4.3 million in annual revenue would not be placed in the city's school construction fund, instead proponents propose creating a new fund to pay for police and fire services, as well as snow removal in the winter, in the city.

Regional Breakdown of 2010 ballot measures: Midwest
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In the third part of Ballopedia's five part series of regional breakdowns, the Midwest region of the country presents 14 total ballot measures, which is the exact number of measures those six states had back in 2008. Two states had no changes to their count from 2008 to 2010 and one state, Ohio, had the biggest decrease of measures on the ballot from 5 to 2. Missouri had the most measures of the six states, with 6 proposals on the ballot. The most notable measures this region boasts include issues such as recall, health care, and 2 constitutional convention questions that automatically appear once every decade or more in those states for voters to decide. The states that Ballotpedia has included in the Midwest region are: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.

Check out the full breakdown here.

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