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New Jersey union leaders to hold protest against "Cap 2.5"

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May 19, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

TRENTON, New Jersey: Leaders from the state's largest unions and other community groups are planning to hold a rally at the New Jersey State Capitol in Trenton on May 22 in protest of the "Cap 2.5 Amendment" and other property tax reform measures proposed by Governor Chris Christie[1].

The New Jersey AFL-CIO and the New Jersey Education Association[2] are planning with other unions across the state to mobolize people down to New Jersey's state capitol to protest the Governor's tax and budget proposals[1].

Leaders of the state's unions are hoping through this rally to get the New Jersey Legislature to oppose the "Cap 2.5" Amendment along with other proposals aimed towards collective bargining that theyare against. Also, the unions are opposed to changes in the state's civil service rules which is part of the Governor's package of 33 proposals to reform local government. Union leaders have suggested during the budget process that Governor Christie should support a higher income tax on people making over $1 million to solve the state's budget issues[1]. Governor Christie has threatened to veto any budget that has a tax increase including the "millonaire's tax"[3].

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