New Jerseyans approve of both Obama and Christie

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April 15, 2012

New Jersey: New Jersey may be a "blue" state, but their Republican governor has a higher approval rating than the Democratic president.[1]

In the Garden State, Governor Chris Christie's approval rating is 59 percent, and Barack Obama's is 51 percent. New Jersey is the only state with a Republican governor to also give the president an approval rating over 50 percent.[1]

While emphasizing that poll numbers are fleeting, Christie said his high approval ratings show that people "appreciate the fact that I tell the truth."[1]

Patrick Murray, a pollster at Monmouth University says, "New Jersey has had a history of separating national issues from state issues," meaning New Jerseyans can approve of a Republican governor's policies at the state level and a Democratic president's at the national level.[1]

But pollster Peter Woolsey explains, "This is a Jersey thing."[1]

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