New Maine Treasurer addresses 2012 voter-approved bond issues in swearing-in speech

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January 8, 2013

By Al Ortiz

AUGUSTA, Maine: Although the 2012 election is over, controversy could arise regarding bond issues that were approved on the Maine statewide ballot in November.

After the general election resulted in three of the four proposed bond measures being approved, Maine Governor Paul LePage stated that he would wait to sell the approximately $64 million in approved bonds until the state economic difficulties subsided.

However, during a speech after being sworn into office on January 7, newly-elected state treasurer Neria Douglass called for the governor to allow for those bonds to be issued. According to Douglass, "These are measures that the people of Maine voted on."

The governor's spokeswoman, Adrienne Bennett countered Douglass later when interviewed, saying, "What the governor has said all along is we need to wait until it's fiscally prudent to move forward with the bonds. That time isn't right now."[1]

The three measures that were approved are as follows:

  • Question 3 - $5,000,000 bond issue to purchase land and conservation easements statewide from willing sellers for public land and water access, conservation, wildlife or fish habitat and outdoor recreation.
  • Question 4 - $51,500,000 bond issue for improvements to highways and bridges, local roads, airports and port facilities.
  • Question 5 - $7,925,000 bond issue to be expended over 2 years for revolving loan funds for drinking water systems and for wastewater treatment facilities.

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