New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division

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New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division
Court information
Judges:   60
Salary:   $141,000[1]
Judicial selection
Method:   Commission-selection, political appointment
Term:   5 years, or end of
supreme court term

The New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division is the intermediate appellate court in New York. It is the appellate arm of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. The appellate division is composed of four departments.


The judges of the Court are referred to as "justices." They serve 14-year terms from and including the January 1st following their election and may serve until reaching the mandatory retirement age of 70.[2][3]

JudgeTermAppointed byParty
Justice Rolando Acosta2008-2016Gov. Eliot Spitzer
Justice Richard Andrias1996-2015Gov. George Pataki
Justice Leland DeGrasse2008-2016Gov. David Paterson
Justice Helen Freedman2008-2016Gov. David Paterson
Justice David Friedman1999-2025Gov. George Pataki
Presiding Justice Luis Gonzalez (New York)2002-2020Gov. George Pataki
Justice Angela Mazzarelli1994-2020Gov. Mario Cuomo
Justice Karla Moskowitz2008-2019
Justice Dianne Renwick2008-2016
Justice David Saxe1998-2018
Justice John Sweeny2004-2027Gov. George PatakiRepublican, Conservative, Working Families, Independence
Justice Peter Tom1994-2018Gov. Mario Cuomo
Justice Cheryl Chambers2008-2013Gov. Eliot Spitzer
Justice John Leventhal2008-2022Gov. Eliot Spitzer
Justice Thomas Dickerson2006-2017
Justice Ruth Balkin2006-2018
Justice William E. McCarthy2009-2018Gov. George Pataki
Justice Randall Eng2008-2018Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo
Justice Mark Dillon2005-2027Gov. George PatakiRepublican, Conservative, Working Families, Independence
Justice Edward Carni2009-2015
Justice Peter Skelos2004-2026Republican
Justice Reinaldo Rivera2002-2019Gov. George Pataki
Presiding Justice William Mastro2002-2020Gov. George Pataki
Justice John Lahtinen2000-2016Gov. George Pataki
Justice Robert Rose2000-2015
Justice Edward Spain1994-2011
Presiding Justice Karen Peters1994-2020Gov. Mario Cuomo
Justice Salvatore Martoche2004-2013Gov. George Pataki
Presiding Justice Henry Scudder2006-2024Gov. George Pataki
Justice Nancy Smith (New York)1999-2025Gov. George Pataki
Justice Erin Peradotto2006-2017Gov. George Pataki
Justice John Centra2006-2027Gov. George PatakiRepublican, Conservative, Independence
Justice Rosalyn Richter2009-2016
Justice Leonard Austin2009-2012Gov. David PatersonDemocratic
Justice Priscilla Hall2009-2021Gov. David Paterson
Justice Plummer Lott2009-2022Gov. David Paterson
Justice Christine M. Clark2014-2019Gov. Andrew CuomoDemocratic
Justice Stephen Lindley2010-2015Gov. David Paterson
Justice Jeffrey A. Cohen2010-2017Gov. David Paterson
Justice Colleen Duffy2014 - 2027Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Justice John C. Egan2010-2019Gov. David Paterson
Justice Rose H. Sconiers2010-2021Gov. David Paterson
Justice Gerald J. Whalen2006-2019Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Justice Joseph J. Maltese2014-2019Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Justice Sallie Manzanet-Daniels2009-2015Gov. David Paterson
Justice Sheri. S. Roman2009-2023
Justice Sandra L. Sgroi2009-12/31/2028
Justice Elizabeth A. Garry2009-2020
Justice Judith J. Gische2009-2022Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Justice Paul G. Feinman2008-2021Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Justice Barbara R. Kapnick2014-2019Andrew Cuomo
Justice Betsy Barros2014-2019Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Justice Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix2005-2018Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Justice Robert J. Miller2011-present
Justice Eugene Devine2014-2019Gov. Andrew CuomoDemocratic
Justice Michael C. Lynch2014-2019Gov. Andrew CuomoDemocratic
Justice Brian F. DeJoseph2014-12/31/2019Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Justice Hector D. LaSalle2014-2027Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Justice Darcel D. Clark2006-2016Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Justice Joseph D. Valentino2002-2015Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Former judges

Cardozo criticisms

Michael Cardozo, the top legal adviser to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said in a speech in December 2009 that while the state's trial judges are overworked and underpaid, they are also responsible for delays in decisions. Cardozo said that the "entire culture must be changed" to "improve judicial accountability and, with it, judicial performance." In response, 18 of 20 justices of the First Judicial Department of the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court published a letter in the New York Law Journal sharply dissenting from the tenor of Cardozo's remarks, saying that the remarks were “insulting,” “imperious” and “misguided”. Luis Gonzalez said, “We felt compelled to speak on behalf of the trial judges. Sometimes they may feel a lot more constrained, maybe even handcuffed, in response to criticism.[4]

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