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New York Supreme Court 10th Judicial District

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New York Supreme Court 10th Judicial District

The 10th District of the New York Supreme Court is one of thirteen judicial districts in the state of New York.[1]


Nassau County

Acting Justices:

Former justices:

Suffolk County

Acting Justices:


Former judges

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Seats 1-6
CandidateIncumbencyPartyPrimary VoteElection Vote
WoodardMichele M. Woodard YesWorking Families, Independence1.5%   DefeatedD
WhelanThomas F. WhelanApprovedAYesDemocratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence14.2%   ApprovedA
GianelliSharon GianelliApprovedANoDemocratic, Republican12.9%   ApprovedA
DelligattiAngelo A. DelligattiApprovedANoDemocratic, Republican12.9%   ApprovedA
PrudentiGail PrudentiApprovedAYesDemocratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence14.2%   ApprovedA
MorrisDavid A. Morris NoIndependence0.9%   DefeatedD
AnzaloneAnna R. AnzaloneApprovedANoDemocratic, Republican13.1%   ApprovedA
BergmannKathy G. Bergmann NoIndependence0.9%   DefeatedD
SgroiSandra L. SgroiApprovedAYesDemocratic, Republican , Conservative, Working Families, Independence14.4%   ApprovedA


Race 1, candidates competing for 4 open seats
CandidateIncumbencyPartyPrimary VoteElection Vote
PittsArthur G. PittsApprovedAYesDemocratic, Republican, Independence22.0%   ApprovedA
ZimmermanHope Schwartz ZimmermanApprovedANoDemocratic14.20%   ApprovedA
WeberGary J. Weber NoRepublican11.1%   DefeatedD
HenningsPaul E. Hennings NoConservative3.1%   DefeatedD
HughesMatthew G. Hughes NoConservative, Independence4.1%   DefeatedD
ReillyDavid T. ReillyApprovedANoDemocratic, Republican21.96%   ApprovedA
GalassoJohn Michael GalassoApprovedANoDemocratic, Republican, Independent24.27%   ApprovedA


Candidates competed for six seats.

CandidateIncumbencyPartyPrimary VoteElection Vote
QuinnChristopher G. Quinn    NoRepublican6.86%   DefeatedD
WeberGary J. Weber    NoRepublican6.62%   DefeatedD
CattersonJames M. Catterson    Yes6.82%   DefeatedD
LeoJohn Leo   ApprovedANoDemocratic8.26%   ApprovedA
WatsonJoy Watson    NoRepublican6.81%   DefeatedD
AustinLeonard Austin   ApprovedAYesDemocratic8.2%   ApprovedA
SteinmanLeonard Steinman (New York)   ApprovedANoDemocratic8.09%   ApprovedA
SkelosPeter Skelos   ApprovedAYesRepublican6.9%   ApprovedA
AmbroRichard Ambro   ApprovedANoDemocratic8.16%   ApprovedA
CartierRudolph Cartier    NoRepublican6.47%   DefeatedD
PardesSondra Pardes   ApprovedANoDemocratic8.22%   ApprovedA


The following is a list of candidates for the Supreme Court 10th Judicial District 2011 election:
CandidateIncumbencyDistrictPrimary VoteElection Vote
PastoressaJoseph C. Pastoressa   ApprovedAYesSuffolk County11.33%   ApprovedA
PargaAnthony L. Parga   ApprovedAYesNassau County11.27%   ApprovedA
MurphyJerome C. Murphy   ApprovedANo11.35%   ApprovedA
LorintzJoseph H. Lorintz    No8.26%   DefeatedD
GugertyHelene F. Gugerty    No9.19%   DefeatedD
MahonRoy S. Mahon   ApprovedAYesNassau County10.38%   ApprovedA
Cozzens, Jr.R. Bruce Cozzens, Jr.   ApprovedAYesNassau County11.07%   ApprovedA
AdamsThomas Anthony Adams   ApprovedANoNassau County11.2%   ApprovedA
Baisley, Jr.Paul J. Baisley, Jr.   ApprovedAYesSuffolk County10.63%   ApprovedA
BennettStacy D. Bennett    No9.32%   DefeatedD
DoyleJames F. X. Doyle    No9.65%   DefeatedD
ReillyMargaret C. Reilly   ApprovedANo10.97%   ApprovedA
SpergelRobert Spergel    No8.42%   DefeatedD
SantorelliJoseph Santorelli   ApprovedANoSuffolk County11.54%   ApprovedA
EngelAndrew M. Engel    No2nd District8.47%   DefeatedD
GoodsellDavid Goodsell    No8.35%   DefeatedD
InlawEvan Inlaw    No0.58%   DefeatedD
DeVoreWilliam A. DeVore    No8.03%   DefeatedD
RiordanJohn B. Riordan    No9.42%   DefeatedD
CollinsJohn B. Collins   ApprovedANoSuffolk County11.41%   ApprovedA