New York county legislators approve government downsizing proposal

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July 5, 2009

ERIE COUNTY, New York: Last week, Erie County legislators voted in favor of eliminating two seats from the 15-member county legislature. The vote was unanimous, a 14-0 vote. The vote comes only a month after West Seneca and Evans also voted in favor of reducing their town boards by two seats. However, not everybody is content with the decision. County Executive Chris Collins has called the proposed amendment “sneaky” because included in the proposal is a provision that would double the length of legislators’ terms to four years. The July vote moves the proposal to the November ballot for residents to vote on the issue. “Fifteen is a good number,” said Buffalo Democrat Betty Jean Grant, who said that she is content with the current size of the legislature. “We’ve downsized twice in the past 24 years.” Originally the board consisted of 20 members until it was downsized to it's current 15 member size. The proposed cut would reduce the number of seats to 11.[1] But, some proposal supporters argue that eliminating 2 seats is "nibbling at the edges" and a bigger cut should be made.[2]

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