New regulating commission is in the works for the Idaho gas and oil industry

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February 27, 2013


By Josh Altic

Boise, Idaho: Efforts are under way to establish a regulating commission that actually has commissioners with a deeper knowledge of the issues surrounding the gas and oil industry and remove conflicts of interest for elected officials.[1]

Currently the gas and oil industry in Idaho has been regulated by the Idaho Land Board, which consists of Governor Otter, the attorney general, secretary of state, controller and public schools superintendent. But on Wednesday, February 13th the Senate Resources and Environment Committee unanimously approved a new panel consisting of five governor-appointed commissioners to take over the duties of regulating gas and oil companies.[1] This new commission would have members knowledgeable in oil and gas extraction, geology, water and landowner representatives with and without mineral leases.[2]

According to reports, this new commission has avoided controversy as both environmentalists and gas and oil industry representatives approve of the newly formed regulating committee. Environmentalists have reputedly endorsed this move by the Idaho legislature because of its effort to remove conflicts of interest from government regulation of gas and oil.[2]

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