Newest Maryland delegate promises to personally help fund a campaign to raise the state minimum wage

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August 13, 2013


By: Josh Altic

Annapolis, Maryland: John Delaney (D-6), who won the election for congressional delegate in District, announced on August 12 that he was willing to take funds from his own wallet to help launch a campaign to raise the minimum wage in Maryland during the 2014 legislative session. Delaney said that the minimum wage increase effort would include a grass-roots component, digital ads and more traditional media, such as television. He has also expressed plans to hire a director and media firm to aid in the campaign. “I’m prepared to make a significant investment,” Delaney said. Legislators rejected a bill last year that would have made the minimum wage $10 per hour. Delaney said he does not yet have a specific value in mind for his proposed increase.[1]

Delaney is also a supporter of the national effort to raise the minimum wage across the country. Delaney plans to alter the debate by arguing that higher wages would be good for business as they would help avoid turnover and retention costs.[1]

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