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Nine candidates apply for open Assembly vacancy

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April 14, 2013


By Geoff Pallay

CARSON CITY, Nevada: A total of nine individuals have applied for the vacancy created in the Nevada State Assembly when former member Steven Brooks (D) was expelled last month.[1]

If there is a vacancy in the Assembly, the Board of County Commissioners in the county representing the seat must decide on a replacement. The Board of County Commissioners must select a person from the same political party that last held the seat when making its decision. If the vacancy happens before the next legislative session and an election for county officers is scheduled, no replacement is named[2].

The nine nominated candidates are Glynn Coleman, Michelle Jotz, Michael Kelly, Meli Pulido, Mujahid Ramadan, William Robinson II, Kelly Thomas, Tyrone Thompson and Fred Young. The County is expected to consider a decision at a meeting on April 16.[1]

On the night of March 26, 2013, a special bipartisan committee voted 6-1 to recommend the expulsion of Brooks from the State Assembly. The person to vote against recommending expulsion, Dina Neal, said she preferred suspension over expulsion. The full chamber needed to pass a measure by a two-thirds majority in order to officially oust Brooks. The last time this procedure was used on a member of the Assembly was in 1867, though the assembly never voted on the matter.[3]

On March 28, 2013, the Assembly expelled Brooks by voice vote, with few 'no' votes.[4]

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