No ballot measures on the North Dakota primary ballot this year

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May 28, 2010

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By Bailey Ludlam

BISMARK, North Dakota: Unlike 2008 North Dakota voters will see no ballot measures on their June 8 primary election ballots. However, one measure has already certified for the November 2 ballot. The North Dakota State Legacy Fund Establishment Measure calls for the creation of a state legacy fund, for the deposit of certain oil and gas tax revenues in the fund. It was referred by the state legislature and filed with the secretary of state on May 4, 2009. In comparison to past years the 2010 ballot remains slim. In the past decade, statewide ballot have averaged 4 measures on the ballot and combination of citizen proposed initiatives and legislative referrals.

As of this week an estimated nine citizen initiatives have been proposed for the 2010 ballot. The signature filing deadline for the June 8 ballot has already passed, however the deadline for the November 2 ballot is August 2, 2010. Five of the nine initiatives are initiated state statutes and are required to collect a minimum of 12,844 valid signatures. The three initiated constitutional amendments, however, are required to collect at least 25,688 signatures. This week, the secretary of state announced that the proposed North Dakota Fireworks Referendum, the ninth proposed initiative in the state, has been approved for circulation and in order to qualify for the ballot proponents must submit at least 12,844 signatures.

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