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May 18, 2010

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By Bailey Ludlam

Despite a flurry of ballot measures in the past few months, Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count remains unchanged this week at 118 ballot measures in 34 states for the 2010 election year. In past election years an average of 211 ballot questions were certified, with a low in 2004 of 162 and a high in 1998 of 272.

Three of the certified measures are up for a vote today: one in Arizona and two in Oregon. Today's election marks not only the second statewide election in Oregon but also the first statewide special election for Arizona in the last 30 years.

Arizona's Proposition 100 has been one of debate. The measure calls for increasing the state's sales tax by 1% for three years. Generated funds would be directed to primary and secondary education, health and human services and public safety.

On a slightly different topic, Oregon voters will decide on two education related measures. Measure 68 proposes allowing the state to issue bonds matching local school district bonds, while Measure 69 proposes authorizing the state to acquire, construct, improve and furnish buildings, structures and land that the legislative assembly determines will benefit higher education institutions or activities.

Also in elections today, at least six states have local elections: Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

STAY TUNED! Election results for Arizona and Oregon will be available tonight on Ballotpedia as they are reported by state officials.

The chart below highlights the number of measures currently certified for the 2010 ballot and the way in which they were placed on the ballot - either by legislative referral or by citizen initiative.
NOTE: Measures referred to the ballot include referred statutes, amendments, referred advisories and automatic measures. Measures petitioned to the ballot include initiated amendments, state statutes and veto referenda.

Type of ballot measure How many on 2010 ballot? Percent of total
Measures referred to the ballot 97 82.2%
Measures petitioned to the ballot 21 17.8%
Total 118 100%

To view ballot measure changes as they happen make sure to check our Official Tuesday Count and our discussion page for retroactive changes.

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