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The North Carolina Court of Appeals is the only intermediate appellate court in the state of North Carolina. It is composed of fifteen members who sit in rotating groups of three. Judges serve eight-year terms and are elected in statewide nonpartisan elections.[1]

North Carolina Court of Appeals
Court information
Judges:   15
Salary:   $134,440[2]
Judicial selection
Method:   Nonpartisan election of judges
Term:   8 years


JudgeTermAppointed by
Judge Wanda Bryant2001-2020Gov. Mike Easley
Judge Ann Calabria2003-2018
Judge Rick Elmore2003-2018
Judge Martha Geer2003-2018
Judge Robert N. Hunter, Jr.1/2015-2016Gov. Pat McCrory
Chief judge Linda McGee1995-2020Gov. Jim Hunt
Judge Sanford Steelman2003-2018
Judge Linda Stephens2006-2016Gov. Mike Easley
Judge Donna Stroud2007-2018
Judge Chris Dillon2013-2020
Judge Doug McCullough2010-2018
Judge John Marsh Tyson2001-2009; 2015-2022
Judge Mark A. Davis2013-2022Gov. Bev Perdue
Judge Lucy N. Inman2015-2022
Judge Richard Dietz2014-2016Gov. Pat McCrory


Former judges

Click here for a list of former judges of the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

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Davis Seat
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
HolcombePaul A. Holcombe No41.2%   DefeatedD
DavisMark A. DavisApprovedAYes58.8%   ApprovedA
Hunter Seat
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
SouthernWilliam F. Southern, III No48.1%   DefeatedD
InmanLucy N. InmanApprovedANo51.9%   ApprovedA
Unopposed  Judge Donna Stroud (Stroud Seat)
Martin seat, special election
CandidateIncumbencyPrimary VoteElection Vote
ChristianLori G. Christian No3.8%   DefeatedD
WarrenMarion R. Warren No6.1%   DefeatedD
JonesAbraham P. Jones No2.6%   DefeatedD
MartinMarty Martin (North Carolina) No5.1%   DefeatedD
DonovanJ. Brad Donovan No1.3%   DefeatedD
FairesSabra Jean Faires No1.4%   DefeatedD
LovelaceKeischa Lovelace No9.7%   DefeatedD
TysonJohn Marsh TysonApprovedANo23.8%   ApprovedA
ArrowoodJohn S. Arrowood No14.4%   DefeatedD
NewsomeJody Newsome No1.7%   DefeatedD
CookJeffrey M. Cook No2.1%   DefeatedD
MurphyHunter Murphy No4.4%   DefeatedD
Davenport ScottElizabeth Davenport Scott No5.6%   DefeatedD
WinfreeChuck Winfree No2.3%   DefeatedD
BuntingBetsy Bunting No1.6%   DefeatedD
DonahueDaniel Patrick Donahue No2.8%   DefeatedD
KirbyAnn Kirby No4.1%   DefeatedD
ShieldsTricia Shields No3.4%   DefeatedD
Johnson ZacharyValerie Johnson Zachary No4%   DefeatedD


CandidateIncumbencyOfficePrimary VoteElection Vote
DillonChris Dillon   ApprovedANo52.7%   ApprovedA
ThigpenCressie Thigpen    Yes47.3%   DefeatedD
RobinsonDavid S. Robinson    NoMcGee Seat38.8%   DefeatedD
McGeeLinda McGee   ApprovedAYes61.2%   ApprovedA
McGeeMartin B. McGee    No43.5%   DefeatedD
BryantWanda Bryant   ApprovedAYes56.6%   ApprovedA