North Carolina Literacy Test Repeal Amendment (2014)

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The North Carolina Literacy Test Repeal Amendment was not on the November 4, 2014 ballot in North Carolina as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The measure would have repealed a constitutional provision requiring that any person seeking to register to vote must be able to read and write in English.[1]

The proposed amendment was sponsored in the North Carolina Legislature as House Bill 311.[2]

Text of measure

The proposed ballot text would have read as follows:[1]

Constitutional amendment to repeal the requirement that persons present themselves for voter registration and read and write a section of the Constitution, both of which requirements have been prohibited by federal law.[3]


The literacy test requirement has been in Section 4 of Article VI of the North Carolina Constitution since voters approved the Qualifications for Suffrage and Office Amendment on August 2, 1900. The United States Congress, however, outlawed such tests in 1964 with the Voting Rights Act. Therefore, the amendment is a remnant from the past and has no practical implication in the current era.[4]




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See also: Amending the North Carolina Constitution

Section 4 of Article XIII of the North Carolina Constitution requires that a legislatively-referred amendment go on the ballot after it is approved by a 60 percent vote in each chamber of the North Carolina State Legislature.

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