North Carolina Senate passes budget, sets stage for negotiations

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June 15, 2012

North Carolina

By Geoff Pallay

RALEIGH, North Carolina: Yesterday the North Carolina State Senate passed a $20.1 billion budget on a 30-19 party-line vote.[1]

The Republican-controlled chamber approved a plan that differs from the State House version passed two weeks ago. The two primary difference center around the approach to Medicaid and public school spending.[1]

"I'd say education and Medicaid are the two big hitters. We're taking different approaches to the problems, so it's significant," said Neal Hunt (R), co-chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.[2]

The Senate and House will now appoint leaders to negotiate the differences between the two plans. Once a compromise is reached, the bill will go to Governor Bev Perdue (D). Last year she vetoed the budget and was ultimately overriden by the Legislature. It is expected that she will once again veto the budget.[1]

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