North Carolina voter ID bill signed into law

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August 15, 2013

North Carolina

By Geoff Pallay

RALEIGH, North Carolina: On Monday, Governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory (R) signed a voter ID bill into law that was passed along party lines by the North Carolina Legislature at the end of July.[1]

Following the signing, a lawsuit was filed against the state by several organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union.[2]

Democrats opposed the law, saying that it will suppress voter turnout. Republicans who support the legislation say it will prevent voter fraud.[1]

If the law holds up in court, it would make North Carolina the 20th state to require a photo ID to vote. There are 14 other states that require or request a form of identification when voting.[2] The changes are expected to be phased in starting in 2014. Early voting will be shortened from 17 days to 10 days.[1]

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