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North Carolinians for Redistricting Reform

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North Carolinians for Redistricting Reform
Website:NC Redistricting Reform
North Carolinians for Redistricting Reform (NCRR) is coalition of nonprofit organizations which seeks to keep redistricting in North Carolina open, fair, and transparent. They are advocating for a constitutional amendment to go before voters in the 2012 election which would establish an independent redistricting commission.[1]


NCRR lists its mission as "supporting a redistricting model that removes line-drawing power from the legislature and rests that power with an independent body." They support the following five major criteria for redrawing districts:[2]

  • Comply with all state and federal constitutional and Voting Rights Act requirements, including population equality
  • Geographical compactness and contiguity
  • Respect political subdivisions and communities of interest
  • ncumbents' residences will not be identified or considered
  • Promote competitive districts by excluding party registration and voting history data from the initial mapping process. Party registration and voting history may be used to test district maps for compliance with other priorities.

Coalition members

  • AARP North Carolina
  • ACLU of North Carolina
  • Common Cause North Carolina
  • John Locke Foundation
  • League of Women Voters of North Carolina
  • NC Policy Watch
  • North Carolina Center for Voter Education
  • North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law
  • North Carolina League of Conservation Voters

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